My photographic interests include architecture, landscape, nature, still life - basically any topic, but rarely people. A subject interests me because of its form or texture - how light and shadow play on the subject. I commonly abstract the subject - closer is better.

I worked primarily in black and white for about 5 years. For the last two years, I have been working with color. The images shown here use various films, both negative and slide, and various lighting conditions (artificial and natural). The images were 'scanned' via a Kodak Photo-CD. The images were loaded into Adobe Photoshop for some basic touch up and shadow application and then converted to a form acceptable for to most Web browsers. The images shown may display a posterization effect due to the limited number of colors available on most monitors.

My work has been exhibited in various locations in New Jersey.

My Portfolios

All images shown are copyrighted by the photographer.

Self Portraits. (4 images, about 20K each)
Still Lifes. (6 images, about 40K each)
Industrial Still Lifes. (4 images, about 40K each)
Landcape Photography. (4 images, about 40K each)
Cat Portraits. (5 images, about 40K each)
Travel Photography. (6 images, about 40K each)
Inlaw's 50th Wedding Anniversary. (image collages)


A Photograph of Influence
A Photograph and its Relation to Advertisement
Analysis of a News Photograph

Favorite Photographers

I enjoy the work of the following photographers:
Edward Weston
Brett Weston
Aaron Siskind
Lilo Raymond
Imogen Cunningham
Ansel Adams (Who doesn't?)
Joel Meyerwitz
Dorthea Lang
Paul Strand
Walker Evans

...and many others.

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