Izzi Puzzle

Izzi is a tile matching game copyrighted by Binary Arts. I like playing this game, but its not easy to take with me when I travel, so I created this applet.

The game is played by moving the tiles onto the game board such that each side of the tile matches the tile which is adjoining.

How to Use This Applet

Drag and drop is enabled in this applet. A tile is dragged from the selection area onto the game board and dropped into a cell. Tiles can also be returned to the selection area, but the tile must be dropped on empty space, not another tile.

The game provides filtering methods to help in the selection of pieces. Selecting one of the triangular regions in the bottom box will cause the pieces in the selection region to be filtered. Selection a triangular region will cycle through "white", "black" or "any".

A simpler filtering method is provided on the game board itself. After placing a piece on the game board, select an adjoining cell. this will cause the selection area to filter for pieces which match the conditions required for that cell.

The filter can be cleared by pressing the clear button.

A new game can be started by opening the context sensitive menu on an empty cell in the game board, and selecting "New Game".


Since this is a copyrighted game, source will not be provided. However, if you are interested in some particular technique, send email.
Catherine J. Thompson
Last Modified: September 30, 2001